The Global Impact of the U.S Election
  • July-August 2024
  • The world stands on the precipice of significant geopolitical change, a major factor in that being the direction America goes with the choice of its leadership. The United States has been experiencing severe decline, with its preeminent global position being challenged at every turn. Internally, the country is wracked with division and rotting in immorality. Lawlessness is on the rise in the country and throughout the world, while those who would follow the Bible face increasing resistance. Rampant lawlessness was foretold in the Bible as an indicator of the end of the age—the time leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. Where must you turn? Many pin their hopes for the future on men vying for political office and restored national power, but those hopes will ultimately be dashed no matter who wins. Times will grow worse. But don’t fall into despair. The last best hope is coming with the future Christ will bring.

    You need to read this issue of Beyond Today. We all need to know where to turn and where our Hope lies!

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    The Global Impact of the U.S Election

    July - August 2024
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    The Global Impact of the U.S Election

    What's in this Issue

    The Global Impact of the U.S. Election

    by Darris McNeely
    Nations don’t die all at once. Various factors contribute over time—cultural shifts, economic challenges, political instability, external pressures. We are witnessing the decline of a great pow-er, America, long blessed by God as an exceptional nation and model for others. People around the world are watching this year’s election. They know it will impact their future.

    The Last Best Hope of Earth

    by Tom Robinson
    As the United States celebrates its national birthday and gears up for a rancorous political election season, many lament how far the nation has fallen from its early aspirations and fear its soon-coming demise—of losing what Abraham Lincoln called “the last best hope of earth.” But America was never that. The true last best hope is yet ahead.

    On the Edge of Great Change: Where to Turn?

    by Rick Shabi
    Is it too late for America? Has it grown too polarized to ever unite again? Has its downward spiral into depravity so corrupted the populace that it cannot return to the basic principles of family and morality underpinning every successful nation?

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