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bible-discussion-teensDiscover and understand the wisdom of the Bible with our new Teen Bible Study Discussion Guides!

Created by volunteers, including young adults, ministers and concerned parents to offer some meaningful subjects to discuss with your youth group, the teen study guides are not meant to be the definitive doctrinal paper on any subject but rather a discussion guide that will help your instructor cover subjects of interest to teens. Parents may want to use these at home in a private family discussion.

There are no specific rules on when and how you use these guides. Experience has taught us that there does need to be guidance and clear Biblical teaching. Some ways to make the study discussion guides more profitable would include: Seek proofs, cite examples and relate experiences.

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UCG Youth Website

Enriching resources for young people seeking the wisdom of God are available on the United Church of God website (USA). These include sermons, articles, and study guides. Search by topic.

Live Bible Class

Vertical Thought Bible Classes are available for live viewing online. Archived classes are also available, including:

Questions and Answers

youth-pastorUCG pastors welcome your questions on any Christian living or biblical subject that is of interest to you. All questions will be handled confidentially. They will reply by e-mail unless you request otherwise.



Bible instruction program

Resources for teaching the Bible to the very young include the pre-teen Level K - Sabbath School Curriculum.



Jelly Learns Courage and Faith

Jelly Learns the Books of the Bible

Jelly Learns the 10 Commandments


"Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth" (Eccl 12:1)